Lecce, Rome, Matera, Ostuni or Gallipoli? Green Italy Tours, Italian Food Experience and Puglia Chef Academy’s Internships Overview

Italy is a must for students looking for a true internship in tourism and the culinary world… Take a step back in time, soak in medieval and Renaissance-era art & architecture, and sample the delicacies of Italian Cuisine with our “Food Experience” Internship in Italy. From an internship perspective, Italy offers unparalleled opportunities for food and wine internships, museum and gallery internships, and art history, along with business, marketing, and hospitality internships.

Lecce is  our flagship international internship location and our city team have been placing and hosting interns for over five years.  We love sharing their experience of living and working in Italy, taking time to introduce you to all the nooks and crannies that make Lecce such a magical city.

College and University students and graduates, have three start dates to internships in Lecce, Ostuni or the other locations: an 8-week Summer Program, and a 12-week program in the Fall & Spring. Each includes Italian Language Training courses prior to the internship. Students with internship requirements at their university can use our Food Experiences Internship for university credit. Our interns live in traditional flats throughout the accessible and highly walkable city. Typically, our interns have their own rooms in a shared apartment. Offering a unique peak into Italian life, our apartments allow interns a chance to immerse themselves in the timeless passion and historical brilliance of Puglia.