Day Tours from Catania and Taormina

Etna Wineries, two wineries with lunch: 390 Euros per person

Visit two wineries in the Etna area and taste their award winning wines and delicious food. Learn food and wine pairing basics so you can create your own pairings.  You’ll also learn what to look for in a recipe in order to make great wine matches. A great food and wine pairing creates a balance between the components of a dish and the characteristics of a wine.

At 800 meters above sea level, Gambino Winery lay on the Eastern side of the Mount Etna volcano, inside the National Park, facing Taormina and the Ionian sea. The vineyards are terraced and enjoy plenty of sun and fresh, crisp, air due to their unique position.

Vittoria Wineries from Catania, Taormina or Syracuse
We journey to Vittoria to visit a fabulous winery where the owners have spent the last decade rediscovering the ‘Ancient Grains’ of Sicily. This devotion to returning to the healthy and wholesome approach, so much the backbone of Sicilian food culture, shows us techniques that are steeped in the history of the island. After a tour of the vineyards where the wines are produced using traditional methods and aged in clay amphorae, we meet up with our expert chef and roll up our sleeves for a pasta and bread making cooking class followed by a splendid lunch.