We are pleased to introduce our VENICE DAY TOURS for 2023!  Venice, with its world famous canals is like no other place in the world.   We are now offering day trips from Venice to explore the beautiful surrounding areas and taste the local prosecco and grappa with a local Italian guide who knows the ins & outs of this unique city. Travel like an Italian, with Italians! 

We are offering three unique day tours in and around Venice:  Ranging from prosecco tasting and wine tastings , a day trip traveling to beautiful Verona, Amarone & Francia Corta,  and a visit to grappa distilleries while visiting charming towns. 


Enjoy the splendors of the enchanting beauty of Asolo, a town that has been visited by celebrities like Marcello Mastroianni and Catherine Deneuve, to name a few, and taste the beautiful array of local wines (Colli Asolani wines) on a tour from Venice or Treviso. In the medieval town, located in a fascinating landscape of hills, we’ll walk through the streets of the village where the workshops of the craftspeople perfectly match the atmosphere of the Queen’s Cornaro Castle. This incredible fortress with garden was the favorite retreat of the famous Eleonora Duse. Near Asolo is the beguiling Villa Barbaro, one of the best examples of Andrea Palladio’s accomplishments. The Villa can be found in a beautiful scenery, an unforgettable blend of nature and art with internal decoration by Paolo Veronese, full of allegories and symbolic scenes inspired by mythology. Near Villa Barbaro, you will taste a selection of Asolo wines as well as sample typical specialities like “cicchetti” cheese and local salami. We can also visit the Villa (entrance fee not included). The tour will continue where the best Italian prosecco is produced, straight from the source in Valdobiaddene wine region. We’ll learn about the complex process of making real prosecco on a wine tour, and taste several different types of the famous favourite.

8 hour tour includes:

  • 9am: Departure from Venice, Piazzale Roma
  • Private vehicle and driver 
  • Walking tour of Asolo
  • Wine tasting near Villa Barbaro-Volpi (Asolo-Maser) with light lunch
  • Prosecco tasting and guided tour of the wine cellar at Valdobbiadene
  • 5pm: return to Venice Piazzale Roma
  • Estimated arrival at 6.00 pm


  • 1-4 people: €235 per person
  • 5+ people: €195 per person

You might like to look at the Google map belowto get a better idea of distances.


If you wish to discover a perfect blend of culture and taste the Verona, Amarone & Franciacorta tour will be an extraordinary experience, mixing the unforgettable monuments and squares of the historic centre of Verona, where the Romeo & Juliet balcony has welcomed thousands of tourists ever since Shakespeare wrote his famous play. The Amarone-Valpolicella tour offers the opportunity to visit vineyards located in the northwest of Verona in the Classic Valpolicella area, where sunny hills and small towns (called “borghi”) are the perfect setting for an exclusive tasting menu. The special nature of the soil allows the presence of indigenous grape varieties: Valpolicella Classico, Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso, Amarone and Recioto, among the best red wines all over the world. The particular method of production (semi-drying the grapes) - found nowhere else in the world - is the reason why Amarone and Recioto are particularly preferred by the wine lovers.

The wine tasting includes the visit to the famous winery Berlucchi, where a new generation has inherited the pioneering spirit and qualities of the creator of Franciacorta. Here they treasure the lessons from the past while working towards a future generation of gorwing. Vineyards cover over 500 hectares on this sweeping landscape, producing the great Franciacorta, a sparkling wine made by metodo classico. With DOCG status produced from grapes grown within the boundaries of the territory of Franciacorta , the Berlucchi family traditions create fine products of incomparable character and quality. These distinguishable wines will seduce with their history & flavors.

The tour will continue with a private short walking visit of Verona: the city of lovers Romeo and Juliet. The numerous attractions of the historic centre will immediately capture your heart in front of astonishing Piazza Bra - home of the famous Arena di Verona with its magic performing arts - Castelvecchio bridge, Juliet's House, Piazza dei Signori and Piazza delle Erbe the beating lover’s heart of this city, the Scaliger Tombs - the tombs of the Scaligera family - and the Church of St Anastasia. Our Verona-Amarone-Franciacorta tour is the ultimate relaxing experience, where we combine the pleasure of tasting world renowned wines within the peace of Italy’s vineyards.

Tour Details:

  • 9am: departure from Venice, Piazzale Roma in front of entrance of Hotel Santa Chiara
  • Private vehicle and driver
  • Visit of two wineries and tastings
  • Guided tours of vineyards and wine cellars
  • Light lunch at vineyard
  • Visit historic centre of Verona (walking tour – duration: about 1hour and 30 minutes)
  • 5.00pm: return to Venice Piazzale Roma
  • Estimated arrival at 7.30 pm


  • 1-4 people: €310 per person
  • 5+ people: €260 per person


The Bassano del Grappa tour, with a departure from Venice (also from Vicenza, Padova), will give you the chance to enjoy a world famous digestivo distilled from the stems, seeds and skins (pomace) of grapes, known as Grappa. A spirit created by Italian wine producers who were keen to extract the most valuable drop from their grapes, thanks to the assortment of skins, seeds, stalks and pulp that remained in the press. Over the last years, the quality of grappa being produced in Italy has never been better. This means that the high-end Grappa you will taste on this tour combined with the historical beauty of the medieval towns of Marostica and Bassano del Grappa will be an experience not to be missed. For the first part of the tour, a vehicle with a private driver will pick you up at the meeting point in Venice and take you to the grapperia Poli where generations of sons still bring the Grappa to its maximum potential. At grapperia you will taste the incomparable flavor of the product created by the Poli family, complete with a visit to the distillery and the Grappa Museum. The tour continues to Marostica, also called “the Chess city”, because the Square of Chess hosts the chess game where the protagonists are living characters every two years. In Marostica you may visit the principal tourist sights that are two castles, one at the top of the hill above town with a superb view. From here you may walk or travel by car to the other main square, Piazza Castello. At Marostica we will enjoy a little lunch with the flavors of a typical osteria, Osteria La Madonnetta. The second part of this unforgettable day will take place in Bassano del Grappa, well known for the remarkable wooden bridge called the Bridge of the Alpini Soldiers. Bassano, once symbol of the WW1, now is a perfect setting to slow down and take a relaxing break on its narrow roads with a second tasting at Nardini Grappa, a maker located just on the bridge. Bassano is also famous for ceramics, so we can spend some time shopping at one of the many local shops.  

Tour details:

  • 9.00 am departure from Piazzale Roma in front of the entrance of Hotel Santa Chiara in Venice
  • Private vehicle and driver
  • Visit of the Grapperia Poli and tasting (approx. 1 hour 30 minutes)
  • Walking tour of Marostica (Town Walls, lower and upper castle, Square of Chess)
  • Lunch with typical food
  • Walking tour of Bassano del Grappa
  • Tasting at Grapperia Nardini
  • 4pm: return to Venice Piazzale Roma (estimated arrival at 17.30 pm)


  • 1-4 people: €245 per person
  • 5+ people: €215 per person