We recognize that travelers need a bit of flexibility on their vacation, often times wanting one day to explore with a guide and some time on their own. This is exactly why we offer our Day Tours throughout Italy that are easy to book and often the highlights of our trips with guests. As a client of Green Italy Tours, no matter where you are in Italy, we can accommodate a day tour of your liking. From cooking courses in the countryside to wine tastings, historical tours of Rome to Amalfi Coast boat rides, we cover all possible ground for your perfect Italian experience.

These specific small group tours are from Bari, Monopoli and Polignano. 

Monday: Lecce and Gallipoli. Price 215 Euros pp, including tickets to museums and coffee break.

While in Puglia you cannot miss a visit to Lecce, the baroque capital of the south and to Gallipoli, a picturesque fishing village. Its name comes from ancient Greek “Kalle Polis” (beautiful city.) Visit the old town with its amazing maze of alleys, the Cathedral and an underground oil mill dating back to the 14th century. Optional lunch at fantastic award winning restaurant Puritate in Gallipoli (65 Euros) and/or wine tasting at a local winery (35 Euros). Departure at 9.00 am, back at 6.30 pm.

 Tuesday: Salento Wineries.  Price 295 Euros pp, including lunch at one of wineries. 

Visit two wineries in the Primitivo Negramaro area of Salice Salentino and taste their award winning wines and delicious food.  Learn food and wine pairing basics so you can create your own pairings.  You’ll also learn what to look for in a recipe in order to make great wine matches. A great food and wine pairing creates a balance between the components of a dish and the characteristics of a wine.

Departure from your hotel at 9,00 am, return at 4,30 pm.

Wednesday:  Matera. Price 215 Euros pp, including entrance to museums.

A visit to the famous "Sassi" (cave dwellings) now a (Unesco World Heritage Site) which allows you to step back in history.  Optional memorable 3 course lunch at amazing "Falco Grillaio" or "Panecotto" in Matera (55 Euros).

Departure from your hotel at 8,30, return at 6,30 pm.

Thursday: Alberobello and Polignano. Price 215 Euros pp, including entrance to museums

Alberobello (a Unesco World Heritage site) is a village built entirely of trulli, quaint buildings with conical, unmortered stone rooves. Polignano a Mare  is an amazing medieval town right on the Adriatic cliffs with balconies perfect for viewing the drop to the sea below. Optional 3 course lunch at amazing "Cantina" in Alberobello (n.1 on Tripadvisor, 60 Euros pp) and/or winetasting at the Wine Museum of Cantina Albea (35 Euros per person). Optional boat tour of the caves of Polignano for €45 euros per person extra. 

Departure from your hotel at 9,00 am, return at 6,30 pm.

Friday: Lecce and Gallipoli. Price 215 Euros pp., including ticket to museum. 

Visit amazing Lecce and Gallipoli a quaint, fishing village. Its name comes from ancient Greek “Kalle Polis” (beautiful city.) Visit the old town with its amazing maze of alleys, the Cathedral and an underground oil mill dating back to the 14th century. Optional lunch at fantastic fish restaurant Puritate in Gallipoli (65 Euros pp) and/or winetasting at a local winery (35 Euros pp) Departure at 9.00 am, back at 6.30 pm.

Friday (second option) cooking course in Bari or Ostuni. Price 225 Euros pp, including pick-up & drop-off from your accommodation

Departure from your hotel at 10,30 am, return at 3,30 pm 

Saturday: Trani & Castel del Monte 225 Euros pp, including ticket to the castle and guided tour.

Castel del Monte, built in 1240, was one of Frederick II Hoenstaufen's favourite residences. He was one of the first modern rulers in European history and had the good fortune to have grown up in Sicily and Puglia in a mixed culture that uniquely combined elements of antiquity, Arabic and Jewish wisdom, the Occidental spirit of the Middle Ages, and Norman realism. The intellectual life of his court reflected this heritage. A courtly “republic of scholars,” it nurtured and fostered the natural sciences as well as philosophy, poetry, and mathematics, and translations as well as original writing, both in Latin and in the vernacular (early Italian). The pursuit of knowledge without special respect for traditional authorities was characteristic of Frederick and his court. After lunch we will visit the charming town of Trani with its amazing marina, seaside cathedral and unique synagogues.

Optional lunch at Corte in Fiore in Trani (65 Euros) or Montegusto in Castel del Monte (45 Euros)

Sunday: Lecce, Otranto & Castro. Price 215 Euros pp. 

Otranto is known for its cathedral with fantastic mosaics, also for its medieval castle that inspired Horace Walpole's novel. We will visit this seaside town from where crusaders and knight templars would leave for the Holy Land. Optional lunch at Grotta del Conte (55 Euros pp) in Castro, a small and fascinating fishing village, or at Tricase's Anime Sante run by local fishermen (70 Euros pp) .  

Departure from your hotel at 9.00 am, return at 6.30 pm

Our Day Tour Policy:

We have existing dates blocked off each season for standard Day Tours. As our guest, you have the option of booking a private tour (your group only) or joining on to an existing group tour for a lower rate (between 2 - 10x people max).

*Please note you will only get the discounted group rate if other groups are booked for the same tour. If you & your 1+ are the only two that have booked for that day, we must charge the private rate for 2x people or less. If you are the first to book, we will confirm the price at the private rate. Please be aware that if you request a group tour but are the first to book, we will make every effort to combine other guests to join your tour and offer the lower group rate. If we can grow your group tour, we will adjust the provided rate and offer you the group discount.

Often times what we do for guests who want to join a group tour is begin communication months or several weeks before the booking to ensure that we can coordinate with other travelers for the same day. It’s helpful for us to begin the conversation early so we can get you the best possible price!

We require a 20% deposit and balance is due one month before arrival. Please visit our dates & pricing page for more details.